The Performers Inc

Treasure Island
2009 / 2014-2015


Mary and Jim Hawkins are married and have a quiet and routine life. However, one day, a desperate and dying man surprises them by leaving in their hands a map that leads them to a valuable treasure. And a map also searched by one of the most fearsome pirates of all times.

Mary and Jim are determined to look for the help of an experienced sailor who takes them to the treasure, but from their absolute ignorance, they will end up choosing Long John Silver, the same pirate that has lived all his life in search of the map.

Just Jim and Long John Silver go on an adventurous journey to the island and are shipwrecked. But destiny leaves them on “Treasure Island” and the person who will make sure of this is Mrs. Gunn, an ex sailor whom Silver abandoned on the same island three years ago, after having failed in the search of the treasure.

Once Silver is unmasked, Jim and Mrs. Gunn will try to keep him away from the treasure and teach him a moral, one that makes him think what sharing is all about.