The Performers Inc

About the company

We are a theatre company that performs in English, led by Lucas R. Tsolakian and a team of professionals who work together to bring a new concept regarding theatre for children, adolescents and adults.

The company was created in 2004 and since then we have been working on stages throughout Spain and France, entertaining audiences of all ages. We offer funny and creative plays, theatre workshops and storytelling sessions.

By performing in theatres as well as in classrooms and patios “The Performers Inc” takes its shows and activities to any institution, adapting the activity to whichever place it offers. Any space is a potential stage when there is a story to perform.

Also we offer post-educational-activities to continue working in the learning of the English language when dealing with educational theatre.


Lucas R. Tsolakian

Founder / Director / Actor

Natalie Batz


Martín Serna


Josep Gámez


Sara Fernández Reyes

Actress / DIRECTOR

Anaïs Pedrosa


Salvador Otón


Caroline Giffard

Comercial Department

Sergio Gassmann



Costume Designers

Karlos Kosas

Scenery and Props Designer